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Hungry and Healthy After 7:00PM

Many of the eateries on the Saint Louis University campus close at 7:00PM; however, you might not have had the opportunity to eat yet. If you are someone looking for healthy options after 7:00... let me help you!
What eateries are open after 7:00PM?

Fusz: Crisp, Jamba Juice, Grill Nation, Pollo
Subway and DeMart
The Bean

What can I get that is healthy at these eateries?

Fusz: Crisp - At Crisp you can find many healthy options. Create your own salad or wrap and make good decisions. Here are some tips...
·       Choose spinach, spring mix, or romaine lettuce over iceberg lettuce because these are packed full of more nutrients than iceberg lettuce.
·        Pile on the colorful veggies! Tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, and zucchini are all great toppings that provide good-for-you antioxidants (thanks to their richly colored pigments) for very few calories.
·        Choose Italian or raspberry vinaigrette dressings over the creamy dressings. Italian and raspberry vinaigrette dressings practically contain half the calories and fat of creamy dressings.
·        Adding beans, tofu, or chicken can add more protein to your salad/wrap
·        Nuts offer healthy fats and some protein, but they’re high in calories, so pay close attention to how many you add.
Fusz: Grill Nation - If your craving something off the grill, get yourself something tasty while working with their healthy options. Here are some tips...
·       Select the “No Other Like This Veggie Burger.” Ask for it without provolone cheese and the sun-dried tomato relish to make it less than 350 calories and 13 grams of fat.
·       Try the “Taco Spiced Natural Chicken Sandwich” without the chipotle mayo and creamy guacamole to make it less than 425 calories and 12 grams of fat.
·       You can even make all the decisions for your sandwich by deciding to create your own. Choose the “Pick Me” (lean grilled marinated chicken breast) and top it with lettuce, tomato, and a dab of mustard all on a whole wheat bun.
·       If you’re wanting a side as well, choose the fruit or cilantro slaw for a lower calorie, higher nutrient option. 
Fusz: Pollo - Chicken can be a lean, healthy option if you make good decisions. Here are some tips...

      ·         Choose the grilled chicken options – grilled chicken tenders or grilled chicken sandwich.   
      ·      If you’re looking for a wing sauce or dip, choose wisely. Calories can be hidden in it.
                  o     The Southwest Chipotle is the best option with only 15 calories per 2 ounces.
                  o     The Lemon Pepper Yogurt and the Gold Yogurt Honey are the next best options with less than 60 calories per 2 ounces.
      ·         Looking for a side - choose the vinegar cole slaw over the creamy cole slaw and creamy blue  cheese cole slaw. In ½ cup it will save you over 70 calories.
Salsarita's - Get creative with the healthier options to make yourself a flavorful meal. Here are some tips...
·        Pick between 2 hard or soft shell tacos. Then choose one of the healthier protein options:
      chicken, shrimp, pork, or shredded beef. If you’re vegetarian or wanting to go meatless, choose black beans or grilled veggies instead. Two hard or soft shell tacos with any of these options are all 300 calories or less.
o       Top off your tacos with veggies, herbs, and salsa for more flavor and nutrients, and be sure to skip the creamy add-ons because they contain more calories and fat.
·        You can also create your own bowls. You can turn it into more of a salad bowl or more of a rice bowl. Select the healthier proteins – beans, chicken, shrimp, pork, or shredded beef. Be sure to add grilled and/or fresh veggies. Remember to top it off with a salsa rather than a creamy add-on.
·        If you want a side to go with your tacos or meal, choose the rice and beans side. It is provides you with fiber, minerals, and vitamins at only 105 calories, which is way less in calories and fat than most of the other side options.
Subway - Looking for a late evening, fresh, healthy sub or salad – come to Subway. Here are some tips…
·       Choose one of the 6 inch subs that are less than 6 grams of fat. These include: Black Forest Ham, Oven Roasted Chicken, Roast Beef, Subway Club, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Turkey Breast, Turkey and Ham, or Veggie Delite. All of these subs are 370 calories or less.
o   Watch out for sodium levels though. The best choices are the Oven Roasted Chicken, Turkey Breast, Roast Beef and Veggie Delite.
·        Be sure to choose a whole grain bread or high fiber bread that contains at least 2g of fiber, such as the 9-Grain Wheat Bread or Honey Oat.
·        Remember to put veggies on your sub. It makes the sub more flavorful and nutrient rich.
·        Keeping the cheese off of your sandwich will save you at least 40 calories and 3.5g of fat.
·        Be careful with your condiments. Choose Fat-free Italian Dressing, Fat-free Honey Mustard, Yellow/Dell Mustard, or Fat-free Sweet Onion Sauce over the Chipotle Southwest Sauce, Mayonnaise, and Ranch Dressing in order to save at least 60 calories and 10g of fat.
·        Choose healthier sides like apple slices or yogurt. If you’re wanting chips, choose the baked chips (less calories and fat).
·        Want a salad? Order your proteins off of the 6 grams of fat or less menu. Pile on the veggies, and choose the Fat-free Italian Dressing or Fat-free Honey Mustard as your low calorie and low fat dressing.
DeMart - If you’re someone who wants to keep food in their room for a late night meal or snack so that you do not have to worry about going somewhere after your meeting or class, you can purchase healthy items at DeMart. Here are some tips…
·        Good snack or meal options typically include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, lean meat, fish, beans, and/or nuts.
·        If you are looking for frozen meal options, lean cuisines and lean pockets are decent. Their calorie and fat content are better than other frozen dinner choices, but watch out for high sodium contents (you shouldn’t consume more than 2400mg of sodium per day).
·        Star-Kist Tuna Chunk Light Lunch-To-Go packages are a good meal choice to pair with fruit and/or veggies. These packages are full of protein. 
·        Choose light popcorn as a healthy snack. You can eat 6.5 cups of popcorn for only 130 calories!
·        DeMart has fresh fruit that is always a good option for when you’re on the go.
·        There are pre-cut apple slices and veggie (crudit√©) bags that make eating these as a healthy snack or as a side, very easy on you. 
·        You can also find fat-free yogurt that will provide you with both calcium and protein.
The Bean - Interested in coffee and/or a meal – head to The Bean. Here are some tips…
·         You can choose from a variety of healthy Outtakes’ options
            o   Salads
o   Sandwiches
o   Crudite Bags
o   Fruit 
o   Yogurt
  •     Coffee can be a low calorie beverage or high depending on your selection.
    •  A zero calorie beverage option is the brewed coffee.
    •   Coffee add-ons like cream, sugar, and other flavorings can supply saturated fat and   empty calories, but many artificial sugar sweeteners have zero calories and fat
    •   Milk does contain calories but it is full of important nutrients.
There is another option if you are someone who eats later than 7:00PM.

You can make a one-time purchase of $5.00 for an "ecoClamshell." It is a sustainable to-go box that you can get at the Griesedieck and Reinert dining halls. With this purchase, you can fill your "ecoClamshell" with healthy foods from the dining hall while it is still open and then place it in your fridge to save it for later. These are microwavable so you can always re-heat the food in your dorm microwave. After you are finished with the "ecoClamshell," you can drop it off at the dining hall for it to be cleaned and you receive a token to present next time you want to use an "ecoClamshell" to take food to-go.

If you need more information or advice on healthy food options on Saint Louis University's campus, contact me at If you would like more information on the "ecoClamshell," you can contact, myself, or ask at the cash register.



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