Friday, November 22, 2013

Meeting with Students

I really enjoy meeting with students and hearing their feedback and suggestions regarding the food being served at Saint Louis University. Their insight gives Chartwells and myself new and different thoughts and ideas as well as reassures us on certain things that we are already doing that students are enjoying and/or appreciative of.

I have recently met with some students who are interested in making sure that students are being provided with healthy, sustainable, quality foods. I am very interested in providing students with the food, knowledge, and tools they need to make healthy choices in their lives now that I hope will help them to continue to make healthy choices for the rest of their lives. After meeting with them, I began to wonder if students were aware of some of the things Chartwells already does in order to provide healthy, sustainable, quality foods. So here is a list of some of the current things Chartwells is doing...

  • Local Produce - Chartwells uses local produce options over non-local produce whenever possible given geographic and seasonal restrictions

  • Sustainable Seafood - All seafood purchases are in accordance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Any locally purchased seafood should also meet these guidelines.

  • Free Range Chicken and Pork - Chartwells' broadline purchases of chicken and pork are from free range farms. This means the chicken and pigs are born and raised with free access to the outdoors.

  • Cage Free Eggs - All of Chartwells' broadline egg purchases, both shell and liquid, are from cage free hens. This means the hens have the ability to walk around and spread their wings.
  • rBGH Free Milk & Yogurt - All of Chartwells' broadline supplied milk and yogurt is provided by dairies committed to raising dairy cows without additional growth hormones to boost milk production.
Chartwells and myself will continue to explore ways to provide you with healthy, sustainable, quality foods. If you have any ideas, questions, or comments, please share. You can contact me at Thanks!

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