Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sustainability On The Move...

Hello SLU Community!  My name is Lindsey Jones and I will be working for you as the Director of Sustainability for SLU Dining Services.  This position has been created to provide the SLU Students and Faculty with a more sustainable, local, life-giving, loving, and creative dining system. 
I look forward to growing sustainability and local food within the University.  
My background is a mingling of sustainable involvement, with experience in social work, farming, nutrition, cooking, and other creative opportunities.  After my University experience, Local Harvest Grocery played a major role in forming my drive to help create a sustainable and local food system in Saint Louis.  I have volunteered, worked, and been involved with Local Harvest since 2008.  Before moving back to St. Louis 2012, I was living in a Camphill Village in Pennsylvania as a co-worker for 2 years.  We were gardening, cooking, crafting, supporting the local food system, and practicing sustainable, organic farming together.  We worked with neighboring villages to source our foods locally and support local farmers, businesses, and artisans.

I have also worked at the St. Patrick Center ( ) as a Community Support Counselor, Horticulture Therapist, and Program Coordinator from 2008-2010 and again from 2012-2013.  This experience was one that allowed me to see and experience first hand the need for creating a sustainable and localized community in St. Louis.    
The SLU Community plays a major role in the St. Louis food system, and We have the power to make a remarkable difference in the way food is served, prepared, eaten, and discarded on SLU Campus.  I would love to hear ideas on ways to make this happen.  
Recyclemania is coming up February 2nd, so be ready to Get Sustainable!!!

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